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Step #1

Every Lifescape Experience begins with a dream and an exchange of ideas. The introductory period is all about us getting to know you and you getting to know us. Through this interview process we will connect you to a designer that matches your personal taste and style. Once you have decided that Lifescape is the company for you, we can begin the design process.

Step #2

Stunningly beautiful results starts with striking design and meticulous planning. We begin the design process with a personal design consultation that allows us to discover your sense of style and intended purpose for your property. Our designers then produce a conceptual drawing that conveys the expressions of your style and intention, allowing you to easily visualize the final results.

Step #3

Once the design is finalized, we then submit an accurate forecast of the installation costs and construction timeline for your approval. This enables us to eliminate costly over-runs, time consuming delays and needless change orders.

Step #4

The build phase is all about the vibrant and dynamic transformation of turning your landscape into a Lifescape. Our skilled craftsmen work with the detailed timeline so that we keep your project on time and on budget. Our goal in this phase is to produce one lasting effect: a Lifescape that reflects your lifestyle and provides you with years of enjoyment.

Step #5

Your Lifescape represents a significant investment, one that increases the value of your home and property. Ensuring a sustainable return on your investment requires a maintenance program that helps retain the quality and beauty you originally hired us to produce.

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